Event Spaces

Grand Ballroom

Perfect for a wedding, large reception, or other big group events and parties. The Ballroom can seat 240 people with a dance floor or 300 without. For a cocktail event, the maximum is 500 people and for crescent seating, the ballroom fits 126. For a ceremony, 250 people is the maximum.


Ballroom Salons

These are sections of the ballroom that can seat 40 people with a dance floor or up to 90 without. Perfect for a shower, team banquet, or medium-sized gathering.



The Boardroom is ideal for a meeting, smaller dinner, or gathering. The Boardroom can seat 24 with a dance floor or 32 without. For crescent seating, it can seat 18. For a ceremony, the number varies based on the type of event.



The Pavilion is a great outdoor space overlooking the swimming pool. It can seat 125 people or hold 150 for a cocktail event.


Claggett Lounge

The Claggett Lounge can seat 20 people or holds 50 for a cocktail event. This space is perfect for an intimate meal or meeting or is a great location for a cocktail reception with its built-in bar and balcony.


Manor Dining Room

The Manor Dining Room seats 80 people or can hold 150 people for a cocktail event with an additional service charge to move the furniture. This space is another great option to hold a large event or reception.