Kids Golf Lessons at Manor Country Club

Did you know that more children in the United States are playing golf than ever before? It’s true! Golf’s popularity has risen as younger players are realizing its many benefits. Manor Country Club is proud to support kids in learning the great game of golf through our specialized lessons, camps and tournaments. Whether your child is new to the game or looking to grow their talent with fellow enthusiasts, the experts at Manor Country Club are here to help.

The Benefits of Youth Golf Lessons

Golf may have a reputation as a leisure sport popular among the retired, but in reality, it offers excellent physical, social, and even emotional benefits – particularly for children.

Golf encourages:

  • Physical fitness
  • A love of nature
  • Responsibility and discipline
  • Business skills
  • Etiquette and values
  • Patience and emotional control
  • Self-confidence
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Friendly competition
  • Family time together

Kids Love Our Instructional Golf Programs

Our youth golf programs are available for children of nearly all ages, and our instructors make the learning process rewarding, whether your children are just having fun or are interested in more serious competition. Our youth programs include:

With a history of developing some of the best junior talent in the Rockville region, including previous Maryland State Amateur Champions, WMGA Champions, and Mid-Atlantic Amateur Champions, you can count on professional, individualized instruction for students of all skill levels.

Sign Your Child Up Today!

Is your child ready to learn the game of golf and have fun doing it? The team at Manor Country Club is here to make that happen. With top talent and a great facility, we are more than equipped to help your young golfer grow their skills. We look forward to welcoming them to our specially designed youth clinics or camps soon!

To get your child started with golf lessons at our Rockville location, contact us online or call us at 240-514-4412 today!