Swimming Lessons for Kids in Rockville

At Manor Country Club, we are committed to introducing our youngest members to a wide variety of activities that offer physical, social, and emotional benefits as they grow – and nothing embodies this like our swimming program!

Our specialized swim lessons teach kids water safety skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, all in a way that keeps them healthy and happy at the same time. And with temperatures heating up, now is the perfect time to enroll your child.

The Benefits of Youth Swimming

Learning to swim at a young age is an important life skill, not to mention a fun way to spend the summer! But there’s more to swimming than you may expect. Youth swim lessons also:

  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Sustain a healthy heart and lungs
  • Build developing muscles
  • Teach responsibility and discipline
  • Increase stamina and balance
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Provide stress relief
  • Invite friendly competition

Learn in Our Private Aquatics Facility

Our private pools are the perfect setting for youth instruction. We offer group swim lessons each summer, as well as individual private lessons. Whether your child is a casual swimmer or looking to swim competitively, our instructors tailor their lessons to make the process as effective and rewarding as possible.

Swim Lessons Are Just the Beginning

If your child is interested in advancing past lessons, our swim and dive teams are among the elite. Many of our divers and swimmers have gone on to compete throughout college and beyond!

Our teams include:

  • Swim team for 10 years and younger
  • Swim team for 11 years and older
  • Dive team for 10 years and younger
  • Dive team for 11 years and older
  • Monsters (pre-team)
  • Mini Monsters

The ability to dive well and swim fast is important, but being a member of a team is what summer swimming is all about. That’s why we offer fun events outside of practice for our swim and dive teams, including breakfasts, pool parties, banquets, and sleepovers in the clubhouse.

Sign Your Child Up Today!

Is your child ready to learn life-saving swim skills and have fun doing it? The team at Manor Country Club is here to make that happen. With talented instructors and a private facility, we are more than equipped to help your young guppy take to the water. We look forward to welcoming them this summer!

To get your child started with swim lessons at our Rockville location, contact us online or call us at 240-514-4412 today!